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If you are looking for a great city of art which would be slightly off the beaten track, look no further than Buenos Aires. Known mainly for its fabulous street art, Buenos Aires is also host to some of the most impressive Argentinian Art Galleries and private collections. Art may be found everywhere in this city, hence its rich cultural life. You can’t visit Buenos Aires without embarking on one of the many graffiti tours that the city offers, providing a fantastic opportunity to soak up the vibrant culture and artistic atmosphere. However, if you would rather spend your holiday relaxing at a hotel, do not fear. You won’t completely miss out, as this city also boasts some fabulous hotels dedicated to art. Not to mention the abundance of museums. With a fascinating mixture of classical and contemporary, it’s easy to find yourself spending entire days roaming around the inspiring museums of Buenos Aires.

Take advantage of the Uart Global Map to help you find what is closest to your heart. Here are also our recommendations for Art Lovers in Buenos Aires:

Malba This museum showcases modern Latin American art from the early 20th century onwards. Recent exhibitions boast very celebrated artists such as Mario Testino and Andy Warhol.

Usina del Arte As a place that hosts concerts as well as art exhibitions, look no further than Usina del Arte if you fancy a vibrant gallery with a bit of a buzz about it. It is home for temporary exhibitions, so keep an eye on their agenda.

Ruth Benzacar This is one of Buenos Aires’ most contemporary, modern art galleries, showcasing art by the up-and-coming young artists of Argentina.

Arte x Arte For those who are looking for something a little different, who loose interest taking glimpses of still art or for those who highly appreciate photography - this gallery is the place for you. Arte x Arte showcases some of the best video, photography, and media techniques in Argentina.

Maman Fine Art To truly experience the role that art plays in the culture of Argentina, look no further than this Daniel Maman art gallery. This art gallery places a real emphasis on Argentinian culture, showcasing up-and-coming young artists alongside the already established ones.

Street Art As an art lover visiting Buenos Aires, you cannot miss out on street art tours. Here are a few examples of formidable pieces of street art: Maori Mural, Soda Stereo Mural, Owl Mural, Barrio Chino Street Art, MACA Paint Mural.

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