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About Vienna

Vienna is perceived as an old and traditional city, steeped in history and classical elements of the country’s past. It is generally not associated with contemporary art, however unbeknownst to most tourists; Vienna’s contemporary art scene is actually thriving behind the cover of the city’s palaces and antique buildings.

What many definitely do not expect to find is the street art gracing the walls of Vienna. Street artists have become a big deal in this city; ROA and Nychos to name a couple. If it’s a nice day outside and you’d rather not stay inside museums, the city definitely has plenty to offer outdoors that should fill your day just as well.

The city’s art hotspot is in Schleifmühlgasse, located in the 4th district, however there are museums and galleries located throughout.

Bäckerstrasse4 is an art gallery dedicated to showcasing the work of young artists who are still undertaking study, or have just recently graduated. The aim of this gallery is to help these artists get started in the industry by giving them a space to display their work, and be recognized by visitors and collectors. Visiting this gallery presents a great opportunity to see the variety of work that young artists are presenting currently to keep up to date with the direction of contemporary art and the newest trends. Another good thing about this gallery is that it does not limit itself to one genre of art. It displays everything from sculpture to photography, building a reputation for being inclusive as an art gallery.

If you like a bit of political and social depth in art, Galerie Andreas Huber does not shy away from provocative and sometimes controversial art. In fact it focuses on this theme, displaying works in a historical building in the city’s fourth district. It doesn’t look or feel like a classical gallery space but more like a Viennese apartment, which only adds to the unique vibes of this gallery.

Galerie MAM is made up of contemporary artworks from international and renowned artists. This gallery tends to stick to a certain theme in its displays despite the work being created independently. Sculptures being a main focus, you’ll be sure to encounter some really interesting works of art in this gallery.

Finally, Galerie Ulysses has been at the forefront of the Vienna Contemporary Art scene since 1974. The directors have 2 different aims in their approaches. One likes to focus on American Contemporary Art whilst the other directs his attention to the European Art Scene. This means that any visitor to the gallery is well-exposed to a diverse range of works.

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