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The City of Toronto and its Art Scene

The trendy and cool vibe of Toronto is reflected in its art scene. Graffiti, artsy spaces and quirky coffee shops are contributing to the vibrant art scene in the city which is being developed by talented, young and upcoming artists with a wide range of tastes, styles origins. ‘Contemporary’ seems to be the main theme here, with abstract art galleries and open art spaces for young artists to exhibit their work.

Contemporary Art in Toronto

An example of a young and contemporary gallery in Toronto is the Cooper Cole gallery. This gallery does not follow one set style or theme, the only criteria being: the showcased art is contemporary and created by young people primarily in their twenties. This gallery gives a voice to the younger generation of artists by providing them with representation and a space to exhibit their work.

The Clint Roenisch Gallery in downtown Toronto is where you’ll find contemporary art by artists that are more high-profile. Many of the artists showcased here are internationally renowned and have been recognized by prestigious institutions all over the world. They are cross-generational and work on a variety of themes, mediums, and styles.

Perhaps the largest gallery collection you’ll see in Toronto is the collection shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It’s one of the biggest art museums in North America showing over 80,000 artworks spanning over three different sections: Contemporary, Masterpieces of European Art, and The Canadian Collection.

Photography admirers would agree that the Stephen Bulger Gallery is worth a visit if you’re on a trip to Toronto. Particularly if you’re a first time buyer, this gallery will help you out in your decision making and the buying process. This gallery has over 15,000 photographs, so it’s unlikely that you’ll leave feeling disappointed.

Street Art in Toronto

Finally, Toronto has a special reputation for street art, many proclaiming that it is the best city for street art in the world. ‘Graffiti Alley’ in downtown Toronto has gained popularity over the last few years, and is now a known tourist attraction. It is not the only place you will find greet street art in Toronto, however. Get a feel for the ethnic cultural identity of the area as you roam through the Kensington or Chinatown neighbourhoods where you’ll find unique and dedicated street art.

Toronto and its Museums

Museums lovers cannot miss the opportunity of going to the Royal Ontario Museum. It is the largest and most visited museum in Canada. It hosts a range of exhibitions and events alongside a collection made up of many different themes, art forms, and time periods. It has something for everyone, and can easily take up an entire day. 

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