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About Berlin

Berlin and its Art Scene

Berlin boasts a thriving, dynamic art scene that can be rivaled by very few cities in the world. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, thousands of artists have since flocked to the city. With a thriving countercultural scene and relatively low living costs, it is the ideal environment for artists to create innovative works. 

Traditional Arts and Crafts in Berlin

Berlin hosts numerous museums with extraordinary art collections of worldwide recognition. The Museum Island, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, provides its visitors with an unforgettable experience. The Old National Gallery, the Old Museum, the New Museum, the Bode-Museum, the Pergamon Museum, James Simon Gallery - you can find them all in this unique part of Berlin. 

Contemporary Art in Berlin

Beaming with contemporary art, Berlin is a city like no other. Home to hundreds of museums and art galleries, it is overflowing with opportunities for artists – there are chances for you to showcase your artworks in exhibitions and installations around the city. It is often the case that artists first find their feet in Berlin before moving on to other cities such as London or New York. 

Contemporary Art Galleries

Home to some of Berlin’s most popular contemporary art collections, the Contemporary Fine Arts (CFA) gallery is committed to showcasing cutting-edge art in all kinds of medias. The collection contains works from both German and international artists (with their most notable masterpieces by Jonathan Meese and Georg Baselitz). This gallery has built a reputation thanks to their discovery of new artists such as Daniel Richter and Peter Doig. KW Institute for Contemporary Art combines a program of workshops, talks and exhibitions with events, films and performances. It labels itself as being a creative space rather than a gallery, where artists and art lovers can come together to create an inspirational and creative environment. 

Berlin and the Street Art Culture

Berlin is an interesting place for all those looking for hidden gems of street art. Alte Schönhauser Straße, Schönhauser Allee and Rosenthaler Straße - this is where great masterpieces of local and international artists can be found (Banksy, The London Police, El Bocho and many more). The Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery) is now considered as the longest open-air gallery; full of symblolic grafffiti stands for a historical and meaningful monument in the heart of Berlin. 

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