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About Budapest
As an art lover, you will not be left disappointed by what Budapest has to offer on its art scene. As a visitor to the city, you are sure to gain insight into Hungarian arts and culture from traditional and modern national artists. It offers views into the past, with beautiful pre 20th century galleries and museums, as well as an impressive contemporary and street art scene. 

If, as a newbie to Hungary, you want to get a taste of what Hungarian art is all about, your first port of call should be the Hungarian National Gallery, displaying artworks from as early as the 11th century. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see a range of celebrated Hungarian artists across various genes and time periods. Amongst the many style variations, you’ll have the opportunity to see some Hungarian Impressionist works of which the Hungarians are very proud.

With more contemporary Hungarian art, the Varfok Gallery strives to showcase contemporary Hungarian art from both upcoming Hungarian artists and a core group of artists with whom they work regularly.
This gallery has particular historical significance as being the first Hungarian gallery to showcase and promote contemporary art after the collapse of the Communist regime; a regime in which contemporary art was frowned upon.

For something less gallery-like, you may be interested in Budapest’s Art Factory which is a space managed by artists who also use the space to work as well as display their art. It is used as an exhibition and project space as well as an art studio. It puts on events throughout the year, so it may be worth looking up their schedule before you pay a visit!

As a consequence of many initiatives undertaken to brighten up the city, you will find lots of exciting murals and street art as you wander the Streets of the Jewish district. In September, Budapest even holds a festival called the Szines Varos festival allowing you to see the street artists at work.

This is a small selection of Uart’s recommendations, and upon arrival in Budapest you are sure to find many more. Hungarian art has been adored for centuries, namely by Empress Elisabeth of Austria who
developed a deep appreciation for Hungary’s art and culture. This is a city that is proud of its national art and makes it easy and affordable to access.

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