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The City of Rome

The city of Rome is synonymous with great art. It is known worldwide for its beautiful, traditional, Roman art that dates back centuries. It is impossible to visit the city and avoid art. It is everywhere you look: from the decorated walls of the churches, to the full and dedicated museums, to the high-end fashion houses. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you definitely cannot get around all of the art Rome has to offer in a day.

Classical Art in Rome

As aforementioned, Rome is known for its dedication to old and traditional art. The top ranking art museum across the board appears to be the Galleria Borghese. Booking in advance is necessary, but definetely worth the effort as this gallery really is a treat for any art lover. The collection has been described as “exquisite” by visitors, and its unsurprising why considering the wide range of sculptures, paintings, and the impressive interior design, not to mention the garden which is a work of art in itself.

The Palazzo Massimo alle Terme is a brilliant location for browsing another of Rome’s classical collections. Here you will find Roman and Greek structures, a rare Roman mummy, and luxurious room reconstructions. 

Rome's Sacred Art

There is no doubt that you will see breath-taking works of art in whatever church you visit in Rome, but the Santa Maria in Trastevere is an incredible sight being one of the oldest places of worship in Rome.
Breathtaking baroque illusionary art can be found in The Sant'Ignazio Church. It is decorated with illusory works of art intended to trick the eye and create fabulous impressions.

Rome and Contemporary Art

Maxxi: the National Museum of Art, is well worth a visit if you are an art lover in Rome. This gallery is dedicated to contemporary art, and is housed inside a building that could be classified as art itself. It is located just north of the centre and showcases an impressive permanent collection as well as intriguing exhibitions and exciting events.

RvB Arts Galery, Galleria Varsi, and Rosso Cinabro for contempory art experiences showing talented upcoming artists.

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