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Many think of New York as being the prime hub for art in the States; however Chicago should not go amiss for the art-loving traveler. With various art galleries and districts all over the city, Chicago offers many opportunities to experience wonderful art and culture. The Art Institute of Chicago is a clear must-see. For a sneak peek before your visit, you can find its Uart profile here. You’re really in for a treat if you happen to be in town during the ‘EXPO Chicago’ or ‘International Exposition of Modern and Contemporary Art.’ Taking place each September at the ‘Navy Pier,’ Chicago becomes home to exhibiting artists from all over the world.

Named by the Odyssey as the ‘Hottest New Block on the Chicago Art Scene,’ Chicago’s West Town neighborhood is the place to be as an art lover in Chicago. Take your time to roam around West Chicago Avenue where you’ll find the best avant-garde designers, conceptual artworks, and stand-out paintings.

If you’re keen to experience art throughout your entire stay, look no further than the hotels dedicated to showcasing world class artworks. The James, for example, situated on the Magnificent Mile, is home to artworks from local and international artists who are both prominent and up and coming.

If museums are your thing, the Museum of Contemporary Art should be on your to-do list. With regular exhibitions and talks throughout the year, the MCA is a great place to experience a wide array of contemporary artworks. We recommend visiting their website to find out the current and upcoming exhibitions so you don’t miss anything good.

Explore Uart before your trip to Chicago so that you’ll be well prepared on arrival knowing exactly where to go and what to see. Travel the city and soak up all you can in this wonderful city of art!

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