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New York and its Art Scene seem to be of an infinite size: extremely diverse, vibrant, never-sleeping... All these adjectives are equally adequate to describe both - the city and its art. Attracting artists from all over the globe since decades, New York City is seen as an American dream come true for up-and-coming as well as etablished artists.

NYC's Art Scene by Neighbourhoods
In Chelsea you will find one of the highest concentrations of art galleries in the world, with a close focus on the contemporary art.

Home for many NYC artists and their artworks. Galleries exibit valuable works of many emerging artists, supporting their fist steps in the Big Art World. There is an impressive concentration of spaces showing art of a very high quality.

Chinatown’s art galleries have been described as DIY in their approach, many having been converted from other uses of the space. This fact adds to the quirky and more unique vibe of this neighbourhood. With the small size of some of the galleries, you have the opportunity to get a good, close look at some of the latest trends within the Western art world.

Lower East Side
Some Art Dealers have recently moved from Chelsea to the Lower East Side in search of a place where they could exhibit their pieces in galleries that were smaller and showed art in a less conventional way. Emerging artists are the main focus in this neighbourhood, with a funky vibe and a new and fresh a view at exibiting art.

Visit the Midtown galleries to get a taste of elegance among the impressive contemporary artworks. The galleries in Midtown show modern and historical artworks, so you’ll find more of a mix in the Midtown galleries.

Uptown galleries are relatively small and enable a more personal and intimate view at artworks. Nevertheless, situated in 19th and 20th century townhouses, they provide an enchanting experience: cutting-edge art displayed in historical and elegant surroundings.

Street Art in New York

New York City is a place to be for Street Art creators as well as Street Art Lovers. The Museum of Street Art (MoSA) in Manhattan can be seen as an immersive experience into the world of new yorker street art as well as an opportunity to get to know great stories involved. First Street Green Art Park is a fully inclusive space (a park on the Lower East Side) that allows anybody create a mural. Interesting place to look at art from a very democratised point of view.

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