Deka Bank

Deka Bank(Bank Art Collection)

Bank Art Collection

Frankfurt - Germany


Bank Art Collection


One of the most contemporary corporate collections in Frankfurt

Since 2003, DekaBank has been building a corporate collection of international contemporary art that is one of the most contemporary collections in Frankfurt am Main. It currently includes close to 1400 paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and films. The collection reflects the current diversity of artistic expression in the 21st century, and focuses on works that deal with socially relevant subjects, stimulating discussion about the current definition of art. Including the next generation of artists is an important consideration when building the collection.

The art is a mirror of society and not simply a prestige collection for the Company. It is an important part of our corporate culture and a reflection of DekaBank’s social involvement. The works are displayed in lobbies and corridors based on conceptual criteria and are experienced as part of the day-to-day life of our employees, business partners and clients. Works from the DekaBank art collection are also regularly lent to museums and institutions for exhibitions.