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The art experience will begin for many at Miami International Airport with Harmonic Convergence, a 72-foot-long window wall with diamond-shaped panes of glass in 150 transparent colors. The installation by architect and composer Christopher Janney creates a gradually changing pattern of colors, similar to a rainbow. It was installed a few months ago in an airport entrance by a people-mover walkway. Travelers will hear sounds Janney recorded during trips to the Florida Everglades, scuba dives in the ocean, and other natural environments. At the top of each hour, a short composition with percussion instruments plays, marking the time of day.

Michele Oka Doner also displays art at the Miami International Airport. Michele’s unique works of art aptly capture the spirit and form of the flora and fauna of our natural world and of South Florida in particular. What a wonderful opportunity to witness the works on paper that were used to create the amazing terrazzo floors at the Airport. On your next travels abroad make sure you stop by Terminal D, Level 2 and check out her three installations; A Walk on the Beach, 1995 – 1998, The Galaxy, 2008 and From Seashore to Tropical Garden.