Toronto - Canada



OMERS art collection is one that is Ontario-focused and reflects this public pension fund's mandate. Over several decades, the expert guidance of Pat James has put together a diverse sampling of a broad spectrum of art-making practice combining fine craft by Canadian artists such as Susan Warner Keene and Kai Chan, along with paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture by the area's exceptional artists. Kai Chan's 'Adam and Eve' artwork exemplifies his imaginative bamboo sculpture with its strong shape, fragile transience and memorable image. Evan Penny's 'Untitled' (Small Red Skin) in beeswax mimics the skin's texture while generating an abstract,fabric-like fragment of the body in a sampler-like presentation. This choice of a two-dimensional work by one of Canada’s celebrated sculptors, adds richness to scope of wall-based works in unusual materials in OMERS’ collection. 

Pat James travelled to many regions of the province to collect artworks from local artists. An example of 'local colour' is John Boyle's watercolour 'Polson Steamer' - painted by a national artist who has resided in small rural settings in Ontario. A less regionally representative example is the photography work by David Buchan and Rebecca Belmore, originally from Ontario, and adds contemporary and conceptual scope to the breadth of this varied collection.