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Definition of an Art Lover

Who is an Art Lover? Art Lover can also be called an Art Enthusiast, an Aesthete, an Art Admirer, an Art Amateur… Essentially, someone with a great appreciation for Beauty and Art. 

Art Collections and Art Lovers

Art Lovers can be divided into two major groups (from the ownership of Art point of view): Art Lovers who own Art Collections and Art Lovers who admire Art Collections. Art Lovers-Collectors are owners and/or creators of Art Collections built around an objective: a theme, an artist, a movement or simply values that the Collector believes in (“I collect all kinds of art which are interesting and conveys a message” for example). Even though they are very proud of their collected artworks, they usually don’t bring much visibility to them as they are displayed mainly in their private locations, available only to family and friends. This is where the second group – Art Lovers-Admirers – left on the side: they would love to be able to consult these collections and connect with Art Lovers-Collectors (as both groups share a common interest) but they are not given the opportunity to do so. Here is where the Art Sharing movement can come to the rescue! 

Travelling as an Art Lover

Art Lovers, when they travel, they look for highly aesthetically pleasant experiences. As they usually appreciate beauty more than travellers with other interests, they search for places that will be able to meet their artistic needs. Art Lovers stand for the majority of the clientele of Art Hotels and Restaurants-Galleries. Do they have enough means to plan carefully their artistic trips? Uart offers them the Global Map of Art and a vast database of Art Hotels, Restaurants, Galleries and other establishments that posses great collections of Art. 

Art Lovers on Social Media

Art Lovers, looking for ways to connect with each other and build communities across the geographical borders, have turned to the World of Social Media. With multiple opportunities that it offers, there also come multiple limitations of this communication channel: no social media has been designed explicitly for the purpose of Art Sharing and for the community of Art Lovers. Maybe it’s time to look for alternative ways of connecting with others…

Uart.com as a place to be for Art Lovers

Uart.com is a perfect fit for Art Lovers looking for a dedicated online space enabling them discover wonderful Art Collections from all over the world. Here, the community shares a new approach to the showcasing of Art: by the use of digital means and with ‘open door’, inclusive attitude. Art Lovers can browse through Art Collections using different search criteria, create lists of their favourite artworks, share them with their network and discuss with people who share the same passion. 

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