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Artists: Art Creators

The main and self-explanatory preoccupation of an artist is Art Creation. Art Creation includes various stages such as inspiration, initial idea, projects, work-in-progress... The duration of the art work creation process can vary significantly: from a few minutes to a few years. As Art is a highly personal structure, all descriptions of the Art Creation will be generalistic and can be undermind - Artsts work on their Art in their proper ways.

Artists: Art Collectors

Since being an Artist and loving Art usually go in line (as Artists tend to great Aesthetes, sensitive to beauty of different kinds and admiring the process of expressing emotions through artistic activities), numerous Artists own Art Collections themselves. The motives for choosing particular artworks to include in their collection may vary widely: from those common for other Art Collectors to more personal ones such as Artist’s friends’ artworks, the art created in their inspiration circle or made by the artists why personally admire. 

Artist and Their Own Collections

All Artists are owners of the collection of their own artworks. Starting from sketches, projects and quick watercolours to the finished artworks that are waiting for an exhibition or a buyer. Artists often decide to keep some of the fruits of their work for themselves: they decorate their houses, create their own galleries or show their pieces of art to family and friends when they visit them. An interesting example of an Art Collection consisting of art works made by the Owner can be found in the Claude Monet’s House in Giverny.

Uart.Com for Artists

Uart.com offers Artists a unique opportunity to share their Art Collections online on a dedicated platform that gathers diverse Art Collections from all over the world. It is a great means to increase the visibility of an Artist, their personal brand and their Art Collection. The international community of Art Lovers who visit Uart are a great source for networking and looking for potential partners or buyers. Thanks to showcasing Art on Uart, you can get easily noticed by Galleries, Art Hotels or Private Collectors. Come and join us to benefit from these golden opportunities waiting for you! 

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