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Places of Worship

For centuries, places of worship have been quiet, reflective, and beautiful places for all religions to visit and to pray. 

Meaning of the Religious Art

For Catholics especially, artistic representations of the life of Christ and of the saints are significant symbols in churches to aid prayer and reflection. In Europe during the middle ages, the stained glass windows of cathedrals allowed those that could not read to know the stories of the bible. Aside from their religious significance, artwork in churches is also a highly effective means of decoration, and is one of the main reasons why churches receive so many visitors of all religions each year. People appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship in religious art, despite maybe not knowing the characters portrayed or the significance of the works. This is why there is often descriptions beside some sculptures and mosaics, so that even those that are not religious can understand the meaning of the art and what the artist intends to portray. 

Different types and styles of Religious Art

Every major religion as well as each period in the history of architecture have their own characteristics. Interior and exterior artistic decorations vary widely between Christian, Islamic or Buddhist places of worship. The most popular forms of decorative religious art include: stainglass, sculptures, paintings, tapestry, icons, mosaics, caligraphy... You can read more about them here.

Examples of Word-Renowned Religious Art

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is the most visited cathedral in the world with over 12 million visitors per year. This cathedral, alongside many others, contains many artistic treasures that we believe should be further exposed. On Uart, you can discover exquisite art from numerous churches and abbeys around Europe, such as the Notre Dame, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi where you can enjoy impressive works by Giotto portraying the life and the miracles of St. Francis. 

Uart.com and its Mission to Promote Religious Art Discoveries

Uart provides a specialized platform to show these religious buildings and the artworks contained in them. Here, you will find churches and abbeys, as today they house collections of thousands of unique works of art that have been built up over centuries. As an art lover, feel free to share your discoveries on Uart. The community would be happy to enjoy your artistic findings in churches and abbeys around the globe. Perhaps there is an old Santa Maria sculpture in a church near you? Put your art photography on the Global Map of Art!

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