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Energy and Telecommunications Sector

Energy and Telecommunications Sectors make up for a significant part of the economy. Most of us need electricity and other sources of energy for conducting their daily activities. We all make use of telecommunication services on a regular basis as well. As such giant players, Energy and Telecom companies must be conscious of the social responsibility that is put on them. It is crucial for the sustainable development of the planet as a whole as well as local communities. 

Corporate Art Collections : Energy and Telecom Sector

Investing in Art and creation of Corporate Art Collections can stand for one of the steps taken by the Energy and Telecom companies to increase their positive impact in the spirit of social responsibility. Investing in young and up-to-coming artists’ works can help them with achieving their goals and boost their visibility. What is more, such activity creates a good image of the brand (as the firm is engaging with philanthropic activity) and can be a part of their PR campaigns. Investing in Art can also be seen as a great way of diversifying the portfolio of investments. Art is seen as a sure and stable asset. More information about the process of creating a corporate art collection can be found on the Uart blog here

Meaning of Art in a Workplace

Another reason why Energy and Telecom Companies invest in Art is linked to the meaning of Art in a Workspace. It has been confirmed that Art positively influences Employees: they feel more relaxed and at ease when they are surrounded by artworks in their offices. Art can also have a positive impact on visitors of the company’s premises: partners, suppliers, agencies. Not only does an Art Collection contribute to the pleasant atmosphere at premises but also helps to stand out from competition. By creating a remarkable experience for visitors, the firm is more likely to sign a higher number of successful deals. You can read more about the meaning of Art in a Workplace here

Energy and Telecoms’ Art Collections on Uart.com

Uart.com creates a unique online space for Corporate Art Collections to be brought to the light. Energy and Telecoms’ HQ or offices are not necessarily visited by a large number of external visitors (other than staff and employees of the company), neither by the general public. Hence, the visibility of the collected artworks is very low. Uart.com addresses this issue by offering Energy and Telecom companies an opportunity of publishing and sharing their collections with the wide audience of Art Lovers coming from all over the world. The Global Map of Art available on the platform is an additional asses increasing the visibility of the collection and underlining the social responsibility and engagement that an Energy or Telecom Company has taken in different parts of the globe. 

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