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For hotels to attract customers and differentiate themselves between competition, they must devise creative strategies that will keep their customers engaged and content. A good strategy hotels have begun to use is to place new and interesting artworks in their hotels. Artworks can really complement a hotel’s character, as well as aesthetically pleasing its customers. Indeed, artworks can be expensive to implement and are therefore a  core feature of luxury, which are mostly found in boutique and design hotels. It has been proven that distinctive artwork in hotels has been a key tool in creating a stimulating and inspiring environment.

The Importance of Art

The importance of art is often over-looked, yet artworks are significant to our society, serving as both functional and symbolic elements. Art can be used to portray cultural sophistication, or even on a more
personal level as individual expression. Artworks are a great way of connecting individuals to their own history or culture and evoke curiosity and interest.

Revitalizing Hotels with
Art collections in hotels are generally curated by the hotel owner, and therefore reflect their own creativity and values. There is no doubt that art is an effective way of revitalizing the look of a hotel, instead of the costly and
time-consuming method of structurally changing the layout.  Colours, positioning of artworks and design all have an impact of how we portray the character of a room, and can really aid hotels market their hotels to a particular audience.
Attract visitors through your art collection. Make potential customers aware that they will have the privilege of enjoying unique artworks during their stay at your hotel.

Every year, more than 1.3 billion people travel for either business or pleasure. In 2017, 260 billion nights were booked in the world, and the number of overnight stays grew by 28%, but only a few hotels enjoyed such growth. 

Uart can be used to differentiate your hotel from the crowd, because although each hotel has its own unique assets, few hotels showcase art.

The power of Art is often under estimated. Art can be used to create a unique and emotional relationship with guests. When traveling, guests enjoy immersing themselves in a heritage, discover a culture and experience new emotions. 

Hotels use Uart to showcase their art collections to make their hotels more attractive and accessible to travelers and guests. Images of the hotel’s collection are shared on a unique and dedicated profile creating an impressive online art portfolio. Each Uart Hotel receives a unique profile URL for their online portfolio which they are welcome to share on their social media, newsletter, and other marketing tools. 

In conclusion, Uart is a simple tool that allows hotels to showcase their business and art collection with the aim of attracting newvisitors and enhancing current customer loyalty.

Uart showcases a broad collection of Art Hotels from across the world. Use our interactive map to discover them!

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