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Often used to provide a home away from home, hotels are becoming much more than just accommodation. An increase in the number of hotels displaying art means that those travelling, whether that be for business or leisure, have to go no further than their rooms or the hotel lobby to view artwork. 

There are numerous reasons for why a rising number of hotels have adopted the trend of displaying art. Firstly, the location of a hotel often defines its character. It is therefore important for hotels to connect with their region by displaying local artwork. The Imperial Art Hotel in Merano, Italy, for example, reflects the work of 3 celebrated local south Tyrolian artists. This brings the benefit of embodying the culture of the area, whilst also supporting local artists and creatives. 

Distinguishing one hotel from another may be a difficult task in areas of high competition. Hotels may therefore choose to embrace a more thematic approach, using artwork to do so. The Kessler Collection provides a themed focus on the works of Richard C. Kessler; this differentiation may be the deciding factor in attracting more hesitant customers. 

Providing artwork in a hotel is also a fantastic way of increasing the general aesthetics of a building and, in turn, raising the level of prestige that is perceived of a hotel. Paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art will help to attract a certain level of clientele and thus increase the price and amount of time visitors are willing to pay and spend in the hotel. 

For individuals visiting hotels with artwork, there exist an array of benefits. The convenience of having art to view within the boundaries of your accommodation can be extremely advantageous to clients that are time-limited, travelling on business, for example. The opportunity to experience the local culture through local artists and their paintings, sculptures or other works, whilst staying at a hotel is another notable positive. Visitors can immerse themselves effortlessly, learning about the area and history, by simply exploring the hotel. Moreover, art within hotels offers an opportunity for enrichment and enjoyment. It creates a more memorable and welcoming experience, allowing the visitor to feel more comfortable in their surroundings, even acting as a 'second home’. Traveling may be a lonesome experience for some; the provision of artwork in hotels also helps to create links between guests - offering a point of discussion. 

The power of art is thus evident for both hotels and their guests. Uart aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of artwork. It helps celebrate the hotels that offer artwork to their visitors, increasing their visibility to art lovers globally, whilst also offering a platform for individuals to discover great locations to view artwork.

Discover hotels with artwork, such as Hotel Éclat, Blakes London, and Berlin Art Hotel on Uart today. 

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