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Art Collections at Restaurants

Elegant art is often hanging from the walls in restaurants but tends to go unnoticed. It is often used as decoration to contribute to the atmosphere, style and aesthetics. 

Why do Restaurants invest in Art?

Restaurants tend to invest in Art for a variety of reasons: 1/ Guests' amusement and aesthetical pleasure (especially while waiting for their meal); 2/ Décor, style and atmosphere of an interior that can be achieved thanks to the chosen artworks; 3/ Brand image and standing out (also: guests are more likely to remember the restuarant for longer); 4/ Incresed attractiveness of the venue (guests come not only for a good mean but also an artistc experience); 5/ Creation of a certain atmosphere (elegant, home-like, cosy...).

Art Collections in Restaurants and Uart

Here at Uart, we believe that it is high time artworks displayed in Restaurants stop going unnoticed and unseen. On Uart, you can share your Restaurant’s Art Collection to: 1/ Increase the visibility of your Art Collection; 2/ Increase the visibility of your Restaurant (to the audience of Art Lovers); 3/ Stand out from competition and diffrenciate your brand on the market; 4/ Use it as a marketing tool; 5/ Share the Art you own with the World.

New Art Galleries: Restaurants?

There is a recent phenomenon, adopted by high-end restaurants globally, such as the Four Seasons in New York, that turns restaurants into a new type of Art Galleries: it allows guests to buy displayed artworks if they are interested in them. What is more, some artists are even being commissioned to provide a certain restaurant with their artwork as well as to prepare exibitions in the restaurant. 

Question of Visibility

Building a great Art Collection at your Restuarant is one step and making a vast audience aware of it is another. The Global Map of Art available on Uart can help you reinforce the visibility of the Art you have collected as well as inspire more Art- and Cusine- Lovers to visit your venue. Hence, there is no time to waste: share your Restaurants' Art Collection on Uart!

Feeding your Soul and Body

Michel Roux Jr, Michelin's Chef, has famously said of art in his own restaurant “Le Gavroche”: "art feeds your mind, while we feed your body.” We believe that both are equally important! :)

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