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Elegant art is often hanging from the walls in restaurants but sometimes goes unnoticed. It is used as decoration in restaurants to contribute to the atmosphere, style, and aesthetic. It is a good idea for restaurants to invest in art for many reasons:

-Guests are amused whilst waiting on their meal

-A certain style or décor can be easily achieved through artworks

-Can act as a discussion point for your guests, increasing conversation and adding to the atmosphere of your restaurant

-Art can contribute to the memorability of your restaurant

-Art adds another dimension to your restaurant; why not have good food and good art?

Despite perhaps having not noticed at the time, there is art in almost every restaurant you visit. Art is popular way of making guests feel comfortable and relaxed in a restaurant, as though they were in a home-like environment. 

Here at Uart, we believe that it is time these artworks stop going unnoticed and unseen. We also believe that restaurants could benefit from increased custom if the public were aware that the restaurant displayed great art inside. Posting your restaurant’s art collection on Uart means that:

-People are aware that you have an art collection

-They will want to visit your restaurant to see it

-They will now know that your restaurant exists due to
your art collection

If you’re really committed to the art scene, you can even use your restaurant as a gallery combo. Allow guests to come inside and view art that they could potentially buy. This is a new phenomenon, recently adopted by high-end restaurants globally, such as the Four Seasons in New York. 

Some artists are even being commissioned to provide a certain restaurant with its artwork, dedicating their time to exhibiting in the restaurant. Tay Dall, for example, a well-known South African contemporary artist, is excited about his upcoming opportunity to showcase and sell his art in a restaurant near Cape Town as it gives him the chance to rotate his artworks and give the whole new restaurant a fresh new look each time. He believes that it “keeps the space alive.” As well as this, it’s a great way to attract repeat custom, as guests will be keen to see what new artworks the artist has on display, as well as getting a nice meal.

Michel Roux Jr has famously said of art in his own restaurant “Le Gavroche” that art “feeds your mind, while we feed your body.”

So really, it is a no brainer that your restaurant should invest in art, and it is even more obvious that the art you have invested in should be visible to the public. We can help with this!

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